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Photo credit: Matt Troia


Photo credit: Jen Smith


Greetings and thanks for visiting my professional web page!


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

My research program centers on a general and important question: what drives spatiotemporal variation in the abundance and distribution of species? My team tackles this question across biological scales from thermal tolerance and acclimation capacity of organisms, to population dynamics and habitat association, to community assembly, to biogeography. Understanding this question is fundamental to predicting how anthropogenic environmental alteration—particularly land use and climate change—affect the persistence of native species as well as expansion of harmful non-native species. It is this knowledge that is essential for the development and implementation of effective conservation tools. Most research has focused on non-game freshwater fishes, but I have applied these goals and themes to other taxa including crayfish and freshwater mussels.


Please peruse my web page for more details about my research endeavors, past, present, and future. Feel free to shoot me an email ( or with questions or if you have collaborative interest.


Photo credit: Matt Troia


Photo credit: Matt Troia

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