Matt Troia, Assistant Professor

I am a quantitative ecologist with research interests in the diversity and distributions of freshwater fishes. I am a Wisconsin native, and have pursued education and research opportunities in Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, and southern Appalachia. In August of 2019, I returned to Texas to begin a faculty position in the Department of Environmental Science and Ecology at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).



I am looking for enthusiastic, creative, and hardworking graduate students and undergraduate students to join the lab.

Potential UTSA graduate students:

The Department of Environmental Science and Ecology offers a Master of Science in Environmental Science. Students interested in pursuing a PhD in my lab can do so via the Doctoral Program in Environmental Science and Engineering through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Please email ( me with inquiries or questions.

Potential UTSA undergraduate students:

Research experience is an essential component of undergraduate education. Please email me ( or stop by my office (TBD) if you have inquires or questions.



James Robbie Carl

Robbie began in Fall 2018 as a Master of Science in Integrative Biology (MSIB) student in the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. Robbie is using environmental niche models and geospatial analyses to assess how well terrestrial protected areas safeguard the diverse freshwater fish fauna within the Mobile River system. The goal of this research is to identify (1) which existing protected areas are essential for maintaining diverse and unique fish communities and (2) where on the landscape additional protected areas should be placed to preserve key components of fish biodiversity.