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Habitat use and population dynamics of Guadalupe bass in the Mission Reach, San Antonio, Texas

Timeline: 2021-2022
Collaborators: Mary Finucane (UTSA), Randy Myers (UTSA), Gordon Linam (UTSA), Shawn Donovan (SARA)
Funded by: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Overview: This research has two objectives focused on Guadalupe bass (Micropterus treculii) and largemouth bass (M. salmoides) in the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River: (1) Quantify/compare habitat associations of the two species; and (2) Characterize population size structure and estimate abundance of each species. These data will inform management of this unique urban population of Guadalupe bass, which was re-established in 2015 by TPWD following restoration of the stream channel and riparian zone of the Mission Reach by the City of San Antonio.


A Guadalupe bass captured during July 2021 survey of the Mission Reach. Photo credit: Matt Troia


UTSA students and TPWD collaborators conducting a boat electrofishing survey on the Mission Reach in July 2021. Photo credit: Matt Troia

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