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Graduate Students and Postdocs

Interested in joining the lab? Don’t hesitate to reach out!


The Department of Integrative Biology offers a Master of Science in Environmental Science. Students interested in pursuing a PhD can do so via the Doctoral Program in Environmental Science and Engineering through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.


I strive to recruit students for fully-funded projects (stipend + tuition reimbursement + research costs) which I fund via grants from Texas Parks and Wildlife, US Fish and Wildlife, and other sponsors. When these opportunities come available, I advertise them on the Texas A&M Job Board, the Society for Freshwater Science Classified Ads, and via Twitter.


If you are interested in pursuing your own funding, check out NSF GRFP, Smith Fellows Program, Ford Foundation Fellows Program, and other opportunities. I’m always happy to work with prospective grad students and postdocs on proposal development.


UT-San Antonio Undergrads

Experience in the lab and field is essential for career development. Undergraduate volunteers participate in a variety of field activities including electrofishing, seining, and measuring habitat as well as lab activities including processing samples from the field, caring for captive fish, and assisting with physiological assays. Undergrads may also pursue independent research projects in which they design a study, collect data and analyze data, and disseminate research findings to the scientific community.

Interested in working with us? Send an email or stop by my office.

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